'Serenity' and other ..

Waiting for a good thriller movie? Matthew McCannah and Anne Hathaway's Serenity are coming for you in early 2010. Let's take a closer look at what's in the movie.

Middle-aged unemployed person-deal The fishing boat was Kaptan, going to Plymouth Island. It has been separated for several days with wife Karen. Karen is afraid that the new husband will kill Karen and her child. Without getting any other way, the former husband finds out the deal. Seeking help Who is telling the truth, who is a liar, what is right, what is wrong, who will listen to the deal - all this has been merged with the story of the surname. Waiting to know what is really real, you have to wait for the end of the movie.

Shakespeare's wife Ann Hathaway
Recently a tweet spreads everywhere. There is a similarity with the appearance of Anne Hathaway's husband Adam Sullaman, or the style of literature of William Shakespeare. Do you know more about the surprise? Shakespeare's wife's name was also Anne Hathaway!

Matthew McCann's Surprised Life
Even in the life of Oscars Matthew McCann, there is less to be astonishing. Like this movie, many climaxes are found in his life. This actor was once seriously addicted to the drug. Matthew has to go to jail because of the addiction He is the captain of the boat in the picture. But he can run boats more than before. In 2005, the actor sailed in the Amazon River in his film Sahara campaign.

Serenity, sequel?
The film was released in 2005 as the next step of the Fox television series 'FireFly', in 2005, the movie Cerétony was released. The film directed by José Wadden did not work very well at the box office. We will have to wait till tomorrow to know whether the previous film has a similarity with the 2011 serine film. Because, yesterday the film is being released worldwide. But whether there is a similarity in the story or not, the box office will be ahead of the previous serinee in the 2015 serine, hope that!


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