Sarah opened her mouth on divorce

Sarah Ali Khan caught eye in Bollywood In Kedarnath, he recognized his own caste. Sarah's performance observer liked 'Simba' also. Acting in his blood. Baba Saif Ali Khan, mother Amrita Singha are all associated with acting. Saif has guided him after taking this decision, after taking that decision. Karinao has advised But she grew up to her mother. In his childhood, parents divorced.

Parental separation was observed throughout. Although the mother was older, the father kept in touch with them. But he did not get to the father regularly. But there is no indignity about it. Rather he supported the separation of parents.

In a recent interview Sarah said, "The people in the house who are not good, it is difficult to stay at home. My parents, both mothers are very happy people. Love to be fun But differently. They will not be good together. They understood that long ago. I will see it as a good luck. Because now I have two houses. Where I am, I can be happy. "
Source: Ananda Bazar Patrika


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