Sala's goal returned to victory with Liverpool

Liverpool beat Brighton and Hove Albion 1-0 in the English Premier League Mohammad Salah scored the only goal for Liverpool,
21 unbeaten games in the league Then, in the crucial one match, the title of a 2-1 goal against Manchester City in the second match was a point difference between the two sides. Liverpool hit another once before losing to Kings XI in the EPL. After a gap of four days with the City, Clive's disciples lost to the Wolverhampton Wanderers in the same match in the third round of FA Cup.

To win the league title, the point difference with the city will be increased as much as possible. It's well known manager manager Jurgen Clap. Therefore, it was necessary to win against Brighton and Hobve Albion on Saturday, Liverpool needed a lot. So that the distance between the points of the city increases their distance. Liverpool win against Brighton. The English club has won a 1-0 win over Salahr Spotk.

Liverpool could not open the ball in front of the ball in the entire game. All the opportunities that have been received are lost. In the first half, the two teams are empty handed. The second half is almost the same size! Brighton could not say it. The Liverpool attack, the majority of the results are zero. At the start of the second half, however, Liverpool scored the goal. After earning the penalty from Brighton, Salah got injured in the 50th minute of the match from Spotlight.
In the second half, no team has scored goals. Liverpool leave the field with a 1-0 win. Liverpool 57 points to play in 22 matches. Brighton is 26 points in the same match playing matches. Manchester City's 50 points in a match less than a match.


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