Saif Ali Khan step away from father Saif ali khan

After 'Simba', 'Love Aaj Tak Tu' was also about to play with father Saif Ali Khan, Sarah Ali Khan was supposed to star in. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, he was the finalist in the film opposite actor Karthik Arian. But Sarah did not say that she will not act in this movie.

According to Indian media, there is no objection to working with Saif Ali Khan. He did not like the stories of 'Aaj Tak Tu'. That is why he made it clear that he will not act in that movie. When Saif Ali Khan was asked about this, he said, "Nowadays, do not do it". Saif said that his daughter had already made that decision a few days ago.

The girl also opened her mouth with her father. He said that he has the desire to work with his father. However, he did not like the story of this movie because he has stepped away from the project. But soon hope to be able to share the screen with the same movie with Baba, Sarah Ali Khan also hoped.


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