Running a former lover

The secret of Amitabh Bachchan and line is not just rumor, it was as true as the light of day and beautiful. However, romantic relationships between the two of Bollywood actresses shocked billions of people. That love of youth has died but today? Why did the former boyfriend ran away after seeing Amitabh? He is not Amitabh, his body is seen! Recently, Bollywood's longtime actress Rekha appeared on the unveiling of the calendar of India's famous photographer, Dabu Ratani. She stood in front of her camera, she was behind the pictures of several stars dressed up. Suddenly the line seemed to see what I saw behind! When he returned to see Amitabh's picture, he ran towards the opposite direction.

For those who do not know, it is necessary to keep them informed, the love of Rekha-Amitabh started in 1976 in 'Do Anjan' from the film shooting set. At that time Amitabh married Jaya Bachchan. That's why Amitabh left the issue of love completely Amitabh No one was injured in the incident. But the fire of love can be kept under control? In 1978 Amitabh got angry when he used to do bad things with a co-worker Rekha on the set of 'Ganges Kya Sagand' photo set. After this incident everyone knows, these two stars are drowning water.

In a 1984 interview, Amitabh spoke about the line. Why did they keep the secret secret? The line said, 'Why not? Amitabh should keep the image, keep the relationship, keep the children in the forefront. I think that was right, what people thought, I did not have anything to do. '

The line said, 'What do we need to know about our love? I loved him, he got me That's the end, the end. I did not think about what people thought. He would have been frustrated rather than reacting to it. But he did not do that. People might say, the poor line is crazy. Amitabh had 10 love. The gentleman is still a little old, does not want to hurt anyone. Why trouble the wife! '
The same interview also talks about offspring of the line. He said, 'I wish there would be one or two children. It did not think that the dream would remain. Mother always used to say that I took the child before thirty years ago. I used to think that too. It seemed as if the child would grow up with me physically. There is no fear of creating contactlessness. I think many advances in the direction, 100 years. But I like to stay myself alone. But it's with a baby-kid. Thinking that the child is running in the house, is not it nice or not? I thought I would be the mother of at least twelve children. '

Whatever the relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, now his daughter-in-law, Aishwarya, loves her very much. And when he met with Rekha in Bollywood, he hugged him deeply and said, 'Aakashirai Rai Bachchan', addressed as 'Rekha Maa'.


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