Real wants to buy Ronaldo's rival

Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid's attack Spanish giants want to fill Ronaldo's main rival in the vacant space. No, Messi is not planning to get into Real, Real, there is no wish to leave Barcelona. The rival has emerged this season. They are planning to join the young striker Christophe Paontek, who has scored with Ser Seven in the series, This is the Spanish magazine AS.

Ronaldo and Peontek came to Italy this year. One plays for Juventus, another geno. No one has taken the time to adapt. After the 19th match, Ronaldo's goal was just one goal behind the 14, 23-year-old Pointek. In the 23-year-old Polish, many people are watching the shadow of Levandsky. Who will not want to take the striker in the team!

So the European clubs are watching over him. The name of the list is Atletico Madrid, Dortmund. It is also heard that AC Milan has been part of the trilogy team. However, the biggest news has already been reported by Real Madrid contact with Genoa number Nine, their interest. Spanish magazine AS reported that Genoure does not want to release his best asset this season. However, if anything is possible, if anything is possible with good prices. And the team in the league's 14th position can assume that it will be tough for them to hold Poynote. And so the price of 50 million euros has been determined by the club.

Although Russia has not been in the World Cup, Pointek has been introduced to the national team in September last year. Goals made in the first match The club is showing its form, the national team is on both sides. On the other hand, after the departure of Ronaldo, there is a lot to expect from the newcomers, as well as Karim Benzema's new losses have raised the Spanish club. It has become necessary for a striker to be in the team. And the solution is to do it, but wait for the real fans to know.


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