Real Madrid win

Real Madrid has won 4-2 goals against Espanyol in La Liga, Real Madrid. Espanyol has scored goals for the Bapatisatao and Rosalas. Benzema scored twice in favor of Real; Ramos and Gareth Bale scored one goal each.
When Vernon left the field in the 72nd minute, Real Madrid turned into a ten-man squad. Ten people missed the gap with a goal in the end against Real, but Espanyol could not avoid the gap of 4-2 goals.

Real Madrid have been struggling to get the ball from the start of the match to the end of the ball before the opponent's net in the ball. In the fourth minute Benzema went ahead with the goal of Real Madrid. After ten minutes, the hosts reciprocated the revenge. This time the Hantarak Ramos In the 25th minute, Bapastasayatoya reduced the gap to the game, Espaniol indicated. In the end it did not become anymore. In the first half of the Solaris, the escalator sprouts and espionol disappears. Benzema scored his second goal in the first half.

In the second half, the 64th Vinsius junior took the ball to Gareth Bell and took it to Solaris. Bell gave the correct reward for Solaris confidence. In the 67th minute, Gareth Bale scored a brilliant pass from Vasquez. In the 70th minute, Karabahal missed out on a simple goal. In the 72nd minute, Varan left the field after seeing a red card. Espaniol reduced the gap of goals in the 81st minute.

In this win, Sevia has moved away from point 3 in Real Madrid to Real Madrid. Spanish giants collect 39 points in 21 matches. Barcelona topped 49 points, and Atl├ętico Madrid, with two points, tied 44 points.


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