Ranbir's dirty comments about Kareena

Bollywood star Ranbir Singh has made objectionable comments about Kareena Kapoor. He is going to eat huge ammunition online. Karan Johar says that Kareena is like your big sister! Does anyone comment about the big sister?

Anushka Sharma joined Ranbir in an episode of the popular TV show Coffee with Karna. Ranbir has not left him out Anushka is not the person to leave. He has placed a few injuries. Said, do not talk about me any more than once. In the words that Karan Johar got fun

What did Ranbir say about  Kareena? Said he was so small. Kareena used to come to a club to swim.
When Kareena saw Swimwear, Ranbir would have felt the feeling of that childhood, he said. In his context, he commented, 'I used to be a boy from a minor.'

Ankka and Karan were astounded by this story of Ranbir. Coffee comes out from the mouth of the carrot. He said, you are very dirty Kareena is like your big sister What would he say if he heard this? '

Ranbir laughed and said, 'Hey, I said the truth!'
A television channel in India has been shown as a recreational talk show with coffee. This show is due to various reasons. Recently, the cricketer Hrithik Pandey was criticized by the nation, caste and gender-hate speech. He apologized after tweeting three days after the broadcast was broadcast. Let's see what Ranbir did after making objectionable comments about Kareena!
Source:Abp live


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