Rajkumar Hirani, who is being cheated by the co-worker, is being harassed

Mission Kashmir, 'Munnabhai MBBS', 'Lage Raho Munawai', 'Three Idiots', 'PK' and 'Sanju' director Rajkumar Hirani have been accused of sexual harassment. He has alleged that he is a co-worker of the production company of his company. In an interview given to Huffington Post India, the woman said that during the shooting of 'Sanju' in 2011, Rajkumar Hirani tortured him several times. He failed in many ways trying to obstruct that time. Then there was fear and panic in him. It took six months to recover from it. Now he decided to bring the incident forward. In the meantime, on November 3, 2018, he informed the incident through the e-mail of Sanjoo film producer Bidun Binod Chopra and his wife Anupama Chopra and screenwriter Abhijit Joshi.
The woman further said to Huffington Post India, "There was no other way than to remain silent to protect my job at that time. I had to keep the mouth shut, because there was a possibility of losing the job in the middle of the mouth. And if Rajkumar Hirani once made a bad comment about my work to someone, then it would have been very difficult for me to get another job in this industry. Even my future would have been uncertain. '
Rajkumar Hirani sent a statement to Huffington Post India authorities on December 5 through her lawyer Anand Desai. There he said that all the charges brought against him are false, useless, misleading, motivated and insulting.

After this, Rajkumar Hirani said, "I am surprised to know about this allegation. I have now decided to take legal action. I strongly urge everyone to know, all the allegations are false and motivated. These allegations have been attempted to defame me.
Meanwhile, Huffington Post India has said that after the allegation of sexual harassment against Rajkumar Hirani, she has been sacked from the film 'Aisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. He was the co-creator of this photo.

When there is a storm of criticism against Rajkumar Hirani, actress Amardeep Jha has stood beside her. He said to Bollywood Life, 'I am shocked, can not believe. I know from a lot of them. He is like an angel in the movie set. He behaved equally with everyone on the sets of the film. But what I hear, I can not believe. I do not even dream. I believe he did not do that. "

Rajkumar Hirani has won numerous awards and awards, including three National Film Awards, four Filmfare Awards.


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