Priyanka 'Godmother'!

The british royal family has lost their clothes. Everyone is helplessly happy Because Prince Harry is going to be a father. Harry's wife Megan Merkel is going to give birth to a baby in April. There is more news around the new family's new guest. According to the US media, Megan is going to give birth to the child, her godmother can be Bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra. Many people know about Megan and Priyanka's friendship.

According to the tradition of the British Raj, his 'God Parents' was selected before the newborn's religious reform. Anyone who is close to a newborn's parents or relatives can get this respect. Priyanka is one of the closest friends of the family to the wife of the royal family. So, the prospect of being a 'Girlmother' of Bollywood's native girl is coming forward again and again. According to the US media news, Megan's first choice is his close friend and stylist Jessica Malloroni. Besides, Priyanka's name is also coming out as the choice of megaon. So, the children who are coming to the British royal family can be 'God Mother' Priyanka.
Priyanka's friendship with US actress Megan Merkel is about four years old. Their friendship has become very popular in just four years. Priyankar's Instagram account shows him and Megan's friendship. Priyanka was present on the royal wedding of Megan with Harry, the princess of the British royal family. Not only that, Priyanka has enjoyed this marriage of Raj's genre. Pictures of these moments of marriage are posted on social media. In December last year, Priyanka married American pop star Nick Jones.


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