Police warrant issued to Ronaldo DNA

Las Vegas police have issued a warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA to investigate rape case
Las Vegas Police investigating rape case against Cristiano Ronaldo They found DNA in the case of Catherine Mairegar, the plaintiff in this case. The US Department of the Wall Street Journal said Las Vegas police have issued a warrant for Ronaldo's DNA samples. They want to see Ronaldo's DNA in connection with DNA found in the rape of the rape accused.

Former US model Catherine Mairegard complains that Cristiano Ronaldo was raped in 2009 at a hotel in Las Vegas. Last September, in the Nevada court, Ronaldo filed a lawsuit against Mayorga. The Las Vegas Police has already sent DNA warrant to the Italian authorities. Ronaldo is living in Turin, Italy after joining Real Madrid and Juventus. Las Vegas police sent the warrant to the judicial authorities there. Italian police will now collect Ronaldo's DNA and send it to Las Vegas Police.

Las Vegas police officer Laura Meltzar told the media, "Las Vegas Metropolitan Police is investigating the case that steps are taken in the case of all other sexual harassment cases. That's why DNA samples have been collected. We can make sure that the Italian authorities have made an official request. '

Ronaldo's lawyer Peter S, Christensen said, "Ronaldo has said as before, what happened in Las Vegas in 2009 is actually based on mutual understanding. So, having DNA is not surprising.


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