Only one Sarah has made love

Bollywood's newcomer Sarah Ali Khan has still only two pictures. And love? Only one to love Although he is known as his boyfriend, several names are named. The movie 'Simba' has been hit by hits after the start of his journey in Bollywood. Sarah Ali Khan, the daughter of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan recently released the name of the old boy.

The reason behind the sudden reflection of Sarah's love-Kartik Aryan In one event, Ranbir Singh dragged him with Kartik's hand and dragged him in front of Sarah. He said, look, you know it or not. Sara also expressed his attitude towards Kartik by increasing his hand. But they do not have any left to understand that they are familiar. When Ranbir folds his fingers in the middle of the two hands and gently throws his head, gently stabs Ranbir's face.
Actor Sushanta Singh Rajput also heard about Sarah's love. Recently, on Sushanta's birthday, both were seen or spent a lot of time together. What is the real event

Sarah recently said in an interview that she had only one love in life. Before coming to the film. Former Union Minister Sushil Kumar Shind's grandson Bir Pahariya had love with him. Sara said, 'I have only loved him. Besides, I did not have any love or no more. Now I am alone. '

Did you break the first love? If you want to know, the whole answer is, 'Nothing like that happened. The heart is absolutely fine. Truly speaking, Vir Pahariya did not break my mind. '

Some things about Sara's relationship with Bir Pahariya are leaked in 2016. Still, he did not start in Bollywood. As a child of a star, some close pictures were viral at that time. Even it can be heard that both of them alone or even betrayed. The year of this incident spread like wildfire after a long time and their breakdown spread. This time for the first time, Sarah admitted that incident.

Sara's work is that, after the success of 'Simba', she has signed on another film. It is heard that Imtiaz Ali is doing Sara and Kartik together for the film 'Love Aajal 2'. In this context, the director said, 'Hey brother, the screenplay is not over yet. Again, the performer chooses! '
Source:India Today


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