Offensive stories of four women

In our society, women have no right to express sexual desire. The so-called societies of this rule broke four daughters - Damini, Anjana, Siddhi and Umang Four More Shots Please, about the story of a complete friendship of four incomplete women. This web series is bringing Amazon Prime video to the digital world.
The 'Four More Shots Please' web series trailer was released on Thursday in a five-star hotel in Mumbai on Thursday. It shows that some twinkling of a brave story about four friend's sexuality Damini, Anjana, Ummang and Siddhi - they do not hesitate to talk about their desires and desires. There is a flock of women behind this web series on Amazon Prime Video. Web series producer, storyteller, director and co-pilot - every girl Director Anne Menon said, "I love reading the first page of the film" Four More Shots Please ". The story of this picture about the four modern Indian girl. Modernity, sex, laughter, and joy are highlighted in their emotions, hardships and failures.
Amazon Prime Video and Pritish Nandi Communications, directed by Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Manabi Garu, Pratik Babbar, Lisa Ray, Milind Suman and Neel Bhopalal, have played in 'Four More Shots Please' series. This web series will be released on January 25 in 200 countries.


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