No homosexuality in the army: Indian army chief

Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat said that homosexuality will not be tolerated in the army. Today, in response to a question in the annual press conference on Thursday, he made this comment. Bipin Rawat said that the Indian Army has its own laws on homosexuality.

According to the Indian media, NDTV said that on Thursday as the army chief, General Bin Abdul Rawat appeared at the annual press conference on behalf of the force. Journalists there talked about the court's verdict that validates homosexuality. General Bipin Rawat said, "We will not allow this within the army." He said that the Indian Army has its own laws in this regard.
In September last year, the Supreme Court of India ruled that homosexuality is valid. At that time, the five judge bench gave this order unanimously. Regarding the Supreme Court order, General Bipin Rawat said, the army is very conservative. He said, 'We are not above the laws of the country, but when you join the Indian Army, you will not get any rights or benefits. Some things are different for us. We can not let this (homosexuality) enter into the army. '

The Supreme Court of India on 6 September declared the 377 section of the Indian Penal Code illegal. In many ancient cases, homosexuality was considered an offense. After that verdict, sexual intercourse between two mature men or women will not be construed as crime. None of the sexual preferences and judiciary will be considered. Following the historic verdict, gay society and their supporters all over the country burst out in joy. Many welcomed the verdict.


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