Nadal and trust superstition!

Superstition is not something new in the playground. The number of players on the history page is not less. As Sachin Tendulkar wore a left leg pad or the umpire David Shepherd's 'Nelson Number' (111, 222) was a little bit of superstition, but now part of the history of the game. Many people are a little bit superstitious to perform well in the field. Tennis star Rafael Nadal is not even outside. But with his prejudice he opened his mouth after so many days.

Nadal has been seen doing various acts before going to court. As such, by touching your name in the beginning of the match, entering the court, while staying in the court, do not stay in the footsteps of the court. Although it is not possible to admit it during the game. However, the most prevalent hype of the visitors was that he kept two bottles of cone in front of his seat seat. One of the other cold water in the juice. Players drink water or juice after getting tired of the match and keep them in the bag at the end. Nadal returned to the game without having to keep the bottle two corners.

Nadal has been following these since the beginning of his career. The Australian Open opened up with it, these reforms have a lot of space in my life. Because this reform works. I am still following this reform because the thing is working. It's been helping me since the beginning. It is only in court and in the match. '

Nadal never gave up hope when asked to leave the renovation, or not, he said, 'The thing is working for me, when it seems that this thing is not working, then leave it. I will not do it again. '
The legendary winner of the second highest 17 Grand Slam wins in the boys' tennis, why not be so prejudiced? A few days ago Nadal's bottle ball fell in one match. An expert used to give that bottle. But did not keep in the previous place. Wonder, after that Nadal started playing bad! After losing two games, noticed the bottle, the bottle talk. Then the bottle decided to go to the court and return to victory.

Nadal has been struggling with injury since last year's US Open. Earlier this year, Nadal removed the name from Brisbane Open. In the second round of the Australian Open, Matthew Ebden went straight to the third set and lost in the third set. Today, the Spanish will take the court against Alex De Minor in the third round of the Australian Open. In the Australian Open, he will set the record for winning the 'Grand Slam' at least twice as the first player in the 'Open Era'. Where is such a mistake to be a little bit superstitious?


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