MPs voted for Theresa Mar

The British Parliament members voted for Prime Minister Theresa Mar in the vote on the new plan. The MPs voted on the condition that Theresa Macke will go to the tough position with the change of Irish 'Backstep' with the European Union (EU). On Tuesday, 317 MPs voted for the new plan in Parliament on Tuesday.

Earlier on Monday night, Prime Minister Theresa May met party lawmakers. There he requested the party lawmakers to vote for the amendment to bring back the system of backsteps. On the amendment to the amendment to the 1922 committee chairman Graham Brady's organization of the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party has been told that instead of backstop, there are alternate ways to keep Ireland border open. After the separation of the backstep, the guarantee of keeping the Northern Ireland border open with the EU member of the UK-based independent Ireland. As a result, Northern Ireland must be under EU law. Opponents of this section say that Northern Ireland will be legally separated from the rest of the UK. But despite the many criticisms, the May In order to ensure that theresa can be passed in the parliament, Theresa is asked to change the draft from Northern Ireland to the EU.
Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Theresa May had lost a huge margin in the vote on the draft of the deal. He lost by the vote of the House of Commons of the Lower House of the United Kingdom Parliament by 230 votes. Leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Kelly, immediately proposed a non-confidence motion against the government of Theresa Marine, with the chance of failing to close the deal. Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalist Party, Plaid Kamri and Green Party, supported by the opposition's opposition to the opposition. He survived the confidence vote. MPs today agreed to review the deal again with the EU in the vote-share agreement.

On June 23, 2016, a referendum in the UK is related to the four-decade relationship between the EU and the EU. After the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, after resignation of the vote, Theresa May began the process of making the path of isolation with that responsibility. Earlier, in May the campaign was run in the EU. But it is necessary to accept the verdict that it is necessary, he began to convey to the people.


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