Messi wants to find the missing footballer

The incident happened five days. Amelia Salar did not even find out He is going to mourn the football world. Meanwhile, Garnes Police have announced the closure of the salvage after the rescue operation was stopped. Lionel Messi could not stay silent. The Barcelona star has shocked the country's footballer's disappearance in the plane crash. This Argentine has requested to continue the rescue operation.

In the social media Instagram, Messi said, "When there is little hope and minimal hope, do not stop his rescue. I'm next to his family and friends. "Messi's national teammate Sergio Aguero also called for continuing the search. The Manchester City star said in social media, 'Do not stop looking.'

Salar's sister Romania said in a press conference in Cardiff, 'Please do not stop searching. We have no doubt that you have tried, but please do not stop searching. "Belgium and Borussia Dortmund star footballer Wiesel also demanded the same. Even Argentine President Maureezio Maqui ordered his country's foreign minister to contact with Britain and France and continue the rescue operation.
Meanwhile Cardiff City disappointed with the closure of Salar. The club told about their deep sorrow and compassion. After joining Cardiff City from Nanti, the French club did not show any good luck for Salar. Dentist requested the rescue operation not to be postponed. Earlier Argentina's legendary Diego Maradona expressed concern about the disappearance of the 28-year-old footballer.

The authorities are still unable to find the Salah-carrying piper PA-46 Malibu Jat. The flight to the new club Cardiff City goes missing from France on Monday night.


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