Messi-Ronaldo will surpass those who

Paolo Dibla believes that Neymar and Kylian Mbabp has the ability to overtake Messi-Ronaldo
Messi-Ronaldo means football for almost a decade! This is the duality that started, it's going on. There is no exaggeration to say that the two-and-a-half football world has never seen before. And so a reference comes back and forth, is it possible to surpass them, on behalf of anyone? Paolo DiBala is watching two footballers, but not one. Neymar and Kilian Mbabpe

Since 2007 Kaka won Football's Player of the Year Trophy That day Ronaldo and Messi had to see the scene from the distance. Messi and Ronaldo have fought equally in the next decade. There are 1313 goals in both matches so far. 479 more with teammates. Trophicography is not like to count! A few months ago, it could not have been thought that Messi-Ronaldo could be far away from sharing his achievements. Luca Rodriguez made the impossible possible. Won the award of the year. But is it possible to overtake them both? Argentina and Juventus star player Paulo DiBla believe that it is very possible. And Neymar and Ambabpe will do it.

"Neymar is on the way to being the best of all time," said Divali. And amabape! When he was in Monaco, he played against him. He has understood at this age how much he has come to earn in this game. Within a short time he is a world champion. He is going to be one of the all-time beliefs. '

Divala is one of the lucky footballers who shared the dressing room with Messi and Ronaldo. As a teamfather, one has got another in the national team in the club. The Argentine did not forget to appreciate them. Dibla's comment, "Messi-Ronaldo is the best for me now. Both are equal players. It is impossible to choose the best of them. '

Neymar's goal number 287 at age 26 The champions league won Confederations Cup won by the national team. And ambap has won the World Cup before the age of twenty. So far his goal is 66.


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