Messi has to hear son's criticism

Argentina and Barcelona footballer Messi achieved a lot of personal and team goals in life. But there are also the failures. It was always difficult to accept the failure of Messi And it's not always like talking about them. But he is a critic, with whom he listens all the criticisms and criticism of this football superstar.
Messi's criticism was not very much a few years ago. But there is no scope to say that it has been very good nowadays. The last Champions League has won in 2015. Last Ballon d'Or win? That was also three years ago. However, there is no doubt about the success of Messi and Messi's success. Failure to suffer from himself, but talking to someone about it is not a great choice. But he has a critic who does not have the opportunity to talk.

Messi's eldest son Thiago Messi is the outstanding critic. And Lionel Messi said that nowadays his father and son regularly discuss everything about their game, "My older son understands football very well and talks about everything about football. I already heard some criticism from him. Barcelona, ​​La Liga, Champions League - everything he sees. When all goes well, he questions me, gives his opinion, and he likes it very well. '

Messi's career has all the successes, not to end it. Ballon de Arr has won five times La Liga is the top scorer, goals scored in the Champions League, and how many more successes. But beyond all these things, the contention of Messi is not satisfied with the criticism of Thiago. Messi was annoyed to talk about his criticism before, but now that's the chance. Talk to the boy with the boy.

"It's not the same as before. It is a very difficult task to cope with losing and bad playing experience. But Thiago forced me and wanted to know what had not happened and why we could not win. Now, we talk more than ever. '


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