Manchester United' lose the ashenal

Ole Gunna Sultan of Manchester United's victory continues to run Now they lose the ashenalara The Red Devils played in the fifth round of the tournament by blowing 3-1 goals in the English FA Cup on Friday night. This win won the eight matches won by Souler Manuel After dismissing José Mourinho, he took over as the interim coach, and all the matches he won

The home of Asenal's home ground came back from the Emirates Stadium in Manchester. Although the changed Red Devilie was not very aggressive, it was not a problem to win. Tourists go back to the Emirates Stadium, Alexey Sanchez, former player of the Ashes, ahead of the tourists. In the 31st minute, Ronle Luakura defended the defensive pass box and scored goalscorer Cheyenne Winger aiming to make Goetar goalkeeper Pierre Czech a fool.

Manuel's goal was again a couple of minutes after the event did not stop. Jesse Linngard named the score sheet However, in the 43rd minute, Asmanyang's goal in the box indicated that Asarnal would turn around. But in the 82nd minute Anthony made a noisy target, and the Asner was knocked out of the match. On the contrary, Red DeVilera ensured the fifth round of FA Cup with a 3-1 win.


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