Lindsay Lohan in The story of werewolf

About six years later, the American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan returned to the film. In the movie 'Among the Shadows', he will have to live in the form of a wolf from several people.

Lindsay Lohan will star in the role of a European President's wife in 'Among the Shadows'. A detective who tried to kill a husband tried to find a murderer was actually a wolf. To survive, people have to drink blood, but they have to drink blood.
The question may arise, whether Lohan will become a wolf in the film? Or will you be killed in a wolf? No media wanted to leak in this regard. Even Cosmopolitan itself ignored the answer to this question.

This is the first picture of Lohan on the big screen after the 2013 'The Canyons' photo. Although he was seen in a number of small television dramas in this long time, he has been seen in several television dramas. He also made a reality show on MTV's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

Lindsay Lohan is working in Hollywood for 28 years. On the opening day of this television show, he said, 'I have seen the ups and downs in this area very close. People considered me every second. That's why I disappeared. Now want to work a little exception. I want to give my highest level of work. '

'Among the Shadows' starring Lindsay Lohan, will be released on March 5.

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