Life is wrong: Lindsay

World famous as Lindsay The full name is Lindsay de Lohan. Born July 2, 1986 American actress, singer, businessman and fashion designer

He is successful in all respects. Born in New York City, Lohan was the model of the famous Ford at the age of child.

At the age of 10, he started acting regularly in Ward. Lohan then got the chance to work on Disney Pictures' The Parents Trap (1998).

The success of this film gives him the opportunity to work in the television movie Freaky Friede (2003). As a child artist, Lohan's work quickly gave her star fame. Min Girls (2004) established her as a teenage model actor.

Lohan came to the media to discuss legal issues. Later, he had to go to a drug-addicts center. He has lost a lot of work for legal complications.

To the audience, his image is damaged. After 2010, she again became a favorite star in acting in Mashtee, Lease and Dick and The Canyon.

Father Michael Lohan. Mother Dina Lohan. Brother Michael Lohan Jr. Sister Alaina Lohan Lohan is good with parents and brothers and sisters Lindsay Lohan is renowned for her amazing character in the film "Freaky Friede" and "Parental Trap".

So, under pressure of criticism, when the superstar announced the farewell to the Hollywood career, many did not take it naturally. Later, Lohan said, she misses the film world. But the Syrian refugees are seeking help to find their own peace.

Lohan is completely unaware of the fact that Hollywood is leaving the touch. However, at the same time, Lohan changed his religious identity and became Muslim.

At that time he was seen wearing a hijab on his head. Even a video of reciting his holy Qur'an with Syrian Refugees is viral in social media.

Recently, the popular actress has come to a new discussion through interviews. Lohan is better with her life. He said this at the beginning of his new life.

Regarding my own work, I have a personal business life. Currently I'm living outside of the United States. So many people do not know about my current life. But I'm happy about it.

As a result, I can pay a lot of attention to my own business. I said about my past, I was never really bad about any purpose. I just tried to find a little happiness. But today's life is completely different.

The most talked about news about the actress Lindsay Lohan's acceptance of Islam in America. At that time, social media deleted all his photographs from Instagram.

Then there was seen 'Alaikum salam' in Arabic. Since then many people have assumed that Lohan Islam has adopted. Lohan has visited Dubai.

There he went to find a motivation to start a new life. Folks in Lohan's work began to think that Lohan accepted Islam. But there was no clarity from the actress about this.

But many people welcome the star in Islam to Islam in social media through social networking. In the film published in the media, Lohan was seen by the Holy Qur'an. This shows evidence of his interest in Islam. Go to see the entire Syrian refugee children. There Lohana is seen wearing hijab.

The American star is criticized for drug abuse. He has taken rehabilitation from drug addicts. His advice in his life situation, should be discussed immediately after the incident. After discussing it became weak.

At the age of child, the fame of the star was not well managed. But he has no laziness to work hard. It is necessary to do the work as peace is available.

There is only one end in everything. Life will be one day. So you have to seek peace for a little while. You should not try to prevent yourself from doing what it does.

Incorrect part of the wrong life. There is no wrong life. However, he will have to make repeated efforts to move forward again and again. It is better to do everything possible for a person to do anything.

Everything for life is for peace, for good. Remember this. Lindsay Lohan said these things in terms of the real experience of her life.


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