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In 2015, Hollywood star Johnny Depp and Amber Hard was married. The next year of marriage begins their homicide. Amber hardly wants to end the 15-month-long hunger strike case. After two months legal proceedings started in May of 2016.

At that time, Ambar had hardly complained that her former husband threw a cell phone at her. Even on April 21, 2016, Johnny Depp threw a champagne bottle on the wall and threw a glass of wine in front of Amber.

But recently, at a press conference, Johnny told Amber Hard not to be physically abusive. Meanwhile, on behalf of a British publication, Johnny is said to be 'wife abuser' and in this context he has filed a defamation suit against the publishing company.

Jon Wilde's Lawyer Adam Wildman said, "We have more than a dozen video security tape, as well as the testimony of witnesses, which can be proved by all the allegations are false."


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