Kylie Zener, earning $ 100,000 per picture, lost an egg picture

US model Kylie Zener named last year for Forbes magazine's top-earning list of stars. Kaily Instagram is one of the richest people in the list of '500 Varieties of Variety'. In Instagram, Kylie earns $ 1 million for each post. Kylie Liked by the side of an egg photo

Picture of an egg. Egg means egg-chicken is a common red egg. There is nothing in the picture. But the film has developed the world record. The picture sharing photo of Instagram is the most liked egg in this film. The number of likes has already crossed 25 million.
Earlier this record was Kylie Genre. More than 14.8 million likes of TV star Kylie posted photos of the newly born daughter Stormi. There was also a comment in the picture. Kylie Zener posted the film in February last year. So much so that it was the most liked picture. But now he has an egg extracted. Egg photo has more than 27 million more likes The comments below this egg picture exceeds lakhs.

From an account called 'World Record Egg', the image of the egg was posted on January 4. It is said, 'Let us all make a world record with the egg.' Through this, everyone is invited to like and share the picture. Kylie Genre also asked to leave the number of likes of the photo record. After that everyone responded by attacking. On Sunday evening (January 13th), the egg image exceeds the likes of Kylie Genar. The image has been hiked every hour, about one lakh. And so quickly the world records the record.
The user who uploaded the image of the egg has been identified as a 'chicken in the muffassel area of ​​Britain'. According to the account, the name of the egg is 'Eugene'. It has been said, "Egg power is very much" so the egg could make world records.

Kyle Zener has also reacted to losing the world record of likes If he did not know whether he was angry or not, he posted a video in Instagram. It turns out, an egg broke out on the Genre Road. It is not understood whether it is in anger or not. References: NDTV and BBC


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