Known unknown Mackenzie

The news is known to many people today when they divorced with world's richest Jeff Bejos (54), his wife Mackenzie Bezos (48), who owns approximately 68 billion US dollars and will become the world's richest woman. He is a novelist, and he knows many people. Outside of Mackenzie very little knows the US media. Because, he himself knows very little about him the external world.

McKenzie's family lives with Jeff for 25 years. After divorce, Jeff would have to give half of his property to Mackenzie The richest woman in the world to make that wealth by McKenzie, and the fifth richest person in the world as a whole.

has been busy with his own writings and four children, Mackenzie has always been prominent. He always portrays himself as an inward nature. Jeff's Reverse Since the announcement of divorce, Mackenzie still has not seen anywhere in the media. But Jeff was seen in a party with Fox TV's former show-man Lauren Sanchez. Rumors of US media, with Sanchez, now he is eating Jeff.

Mackenzie wanted to be a full-time writer from the beginning. At the age of six, she started her writing with children's book The Book Worm. In 1992, she finished her studies in Creative Writing from Princeton University. Nobel laureate Tony Morrison was his teacher there. Mackenzie's book The Testing of Luther Allbright (2005) and Traps (2013) have received critical acclaim.

Mackenzie's first appearance with Jeff Bejos was in 1992. Jeff was then named as New York-based investment company DE Sher-Vice President. McKenzie went to interview for the job there From that identity, then love, engagement in three months. Jeff was married in 1993, Jeff then passed 30-year-old man, Mackenzie's 23nd. The next year, Seattle's rent-house starts at the house of two In that year, Jeff founded Jeff. That Amazon is now a trillion dollar institution. But McKenzie came to the public less than the least.


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