kate didn't wants to lose the bet

Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan betrayed. The bet was the condition that he would say, the defeated man had to do that. The two of them tied two conditions. Aamir agreed on the conditions laid down by Katrina, but Katrina Kaif did not agree on the condition of Amir. Because, he had to be horrified to be horrified by the betrayal. He did not want to take that risk.

The incident last November is November. 'Stary Night Two Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Abbas Zafar took part in a talk show 'Oh!' At another time, the relationship between Katrina and Salman is leaked. There, in a video call, Amir said, "I told Katrina, come play chess with me. If you win, I'll do that. And if I win, then you have to sing a song standing in front of Salman Khan's apartment. '
Amir said, "Katrina was interested in losing my temper. He said, then let me practice a little. After playing for a few months at home, I will play. After a few months of playing, he said, "I'm ready." The condition is that if Aamir gets defeated, then Katrina will have to make another picture with Katrina. If Katrina is lost, then she will stand in front of Salman's apartment and sing it to 'Dil Chaj Ke Kya Hai, Up Mary Jee Lazee.' Katrina was shocked to hear the song. He did not agree to play anymore due to the loss of the game. Today, about two months later the Internet suddenly appeared in front of the incident.

In 2009, Katrina-Salman's relationship was heard four years ago before he leaked. Although neither of the two admitted the incident. There was no limit to the interest of people on these two love stories. The two have acted together in a few other films including 'Tiger Zinda Hai' and 'Ek Tha Tiger'.

The second time on the big screen with Aamir Khan, 'Thugs of Hindustan', Katrina is seen in the film. Although the picture did not respond well. Katrina Kaif will be seen on screen again in 'India', where her co-star Salman Khan. 'India' will be released this year Eidul Fitr
References: NDTV


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