Kareena in the Lok Sabha elections?

India's 17th Lok Sabha will be held in April and May. In the meantime, the rival political parties have started functioning in Lok Sabha elections. In many ways, it is being tried to create interest and attraction of ordinary voters. In the meantime, the selection of candidates has started. Political parties will try to shock the voting field. They have big surprises surrounded by big screen, small screens and musicians. Trying to make big surprises by nominating popular stars in the election is not a new phenomenon. It is now being heard that efforts are being made to nominate Kareena Kapoor Khan, one of Bollywood's most popular Bollywood stars in the Lok Sabha elections.

Why is Kareena Kapoor Khan nominated for the Lok Sabha elections? Like all of Kareena Kapoor Khan's fans all over India, so is her huge adherents in social media. Congress wants to go ahead with Kareena Kapoor Khan by using this facility. And this idea has not come suddenly, or the Congress of Madhya Pradesh has been thinking for a long time. The leadership of Madhya Pradesh Congress thinks that a candidate like Kareena Kapoor Khan needs to pull young and young voters.
It is also known that the Pataudi dynasty in Madhya Pradesh has effective effect. Keeping this in mind, the Congress wants Kareena Kapoor Khan to contest from Madhya Pradesh. His mother-in-law, Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore, has been very close to Congress for a long time. At one time the whole Pataudi family was close to the Congress. Saif Ali Khan's father, former cricket captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, took part in the vote for Congress from Bhopal in 1991. On the popularity of his popularity, Congress won the BJP against the BJP candidate. It is expected that Kareena Kapoor Khan may be nominated for the seat in the Lok Sabha elections.

But there is no statement from Kareena Kapoor Khan, Congress or Pataudi family.
At the same time, along with Kareena Kapoor Khan, Congress is interested in some of the Bollywood stars surrounding the Lok Sabha elections. Some of these stars include Madhuri Dixit, Kangna Ranaut and others. But who is finally nominated, he has to wait for a few more days.


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