Kangana 'do not poke'!

Talking about 'Lakshmibai'! Poke with him! Kangna's son Ranoli Chandal has said that Kangana's sister, 'Kangna's sister Ranolie Chandal' has been stopping 'tactically' due to irrelevant talks with Ranu.

The first Bollywood movie 'Monicornika' directed by Kangna Ranaut has been released recently. Kangana has played a great role in the role of Rani Lakshmibai. On one side, he received mixed reviews from critics as director and main character actress. On the other hand, the earliest director of this photo has heard a lot of reproach from Krishak.
Before releasing the picture, Kangana said in some interviews that 70% of the film is managed by him. Initially, 30 percent or the farming Apart from this, in some interviews, he had to shoot freshly made parts of the farm. Director Krishnan did not open his mouth for so many days. After the release of the film, he could not remain silent. Kangana warned that people do not give wrong information. And with the support of Kangana, Ranoli said, let Kangana stay like her. Let him celebrate his success, do not follow him. He wrote, 'I understand you're the director of the film. Cool down Kangana photo shoots. Let him celebrate his success. '

"Monicnika" earns 42.55 billion rupees in the first three days of release. This income is not bad by competing with Nawazuddin Siddiqui's picture 'Thakre'. Ankita Lochandey, Jesus Sengupta, who has also starred in this film with the story of Rani Lakshmibai.
Source: Times Now


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