Jolie with whom to love?

Actress Angelina Jolie is alone since her divorce with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt in 2016. So, occasionally, the buzz came about his personal relationship. Sargam Holidpara has long been concerned about whether Jolie has got new or new information.

But recently Hollywood star Chris Hemesworth said everyone was stunned. He told a press conference that Jolie is planning to work together with US actor Tom Hedleston in the coming days. After being separated from Brad Pitt, he was mentally very upset. At that time Tom Hiddelston stood beside him.
Although the relationship between two people was tied in friendship at the beginning, it is now moving towards the conclusion. And Jolie told this to his close friend Chris Hemesworth. He also said good wishes for Jolly-Tom's sweet future. Meanwhile, Jolie's former husband, Brad Pitt, is not sitting. She recently attended a special exhibition of a photo in Los Angeles. His current lover Theron was in a restaurant to take part in another event. After some time, Brad Pitt disappeared from the photo show.

Witnesses participating in the Theron event said that on the day of Pitt's appearance or appearance of the dress, Theron appeared next to Theron that day.


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