Johnson denied the responsibility of sexual harassment

Rocky and Blues star of the United States, Kelly RJohnson. Recently, in a public interview, he denied the sexual harassment charges against him. He said, 'This allegation is completely fabricated. There is no evidence to support the allegations, it is a motivated action that is full of forgiveness. '

Two decades later, the hit album gave birth to one and Kelly. But bad news of sexual harassment for fans was very unexpected. One after the other got involved in a sexual assault with his name. Even now in the West when the anti-violence social media movement 'Mei' has been successfully knocking down all celebrities famously, Kelly Johnson has remained silent. Rather, at the same time, he has created extreme abusive pornographic videos with a 13-year-old minor.

Prior to this, the US court in 2008 acquitted her of the child pornography case. Although the video was presented as evidence in court at the time. Prior to 2000, various newspapers have been publishing allegations of sexual harassment and persecution against him. But silly Kelly Johnson could not stop publishing regret, but she took part in one public concert and TV show using her own popularity and influence. But now Kelly has been voiced to face justice, the founder of the 'Two to' movement and other popular figures supporting it. On the basis of this campaign called #Mittoo Arkeley, they now call the music business record holders and boycott of the concert organizer Kelly

Said. Mitu Movement founder Tarana Burke, popular music artist John Legend, director Ava Du Vernie and many other 'Mimi' fans and supporters joined the movement. In all, they have made a record of commercial records and public opinion against Kelly and Johnson, they can finally face difficult legal process. And if that happens, then the American dadkarna star might have to pay a heavy price.


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