Johnny Depp is a 'Monsters': Amber Hard

During the divorce case with actor Johnny Depp in August 2016, a part of the written statement of the actress Amber Hard 471 submitted to the court was published in a special press release. They described how hard they were victims of their 23-month-old bridal life. This document reveals that Amber's friends call the police when the blasts begin on May 21, 2016, in a penthouse in Los Angeles.
In this regard, Amber describes Johnny's behavior: "Johnny and I used to identify his other personality, who physically abused me as a monster. And the other man has stayed in her for many years. I would have become like a rock scared of that donation. "Depp came:" Depp pushed my phone as hard as possible, grabbed my hair and broke a lot of glass, and broken glasses would have fallen on the floor after the blaze. "He describes the police Even after the arrest of Dip, he went back because the security personnel of Depa told him that they did not see anything happening and they saw a blow strain in the face of hard So, there was no reason for the case.


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