Jackson family angry with the documentary

Criticizing the documentary 'Living Nevarland', the family of Pop Emperor Michael Jackson said, "Michael Jackson had to deal with such dirty attacks throughout his life. Even now, it is still going to be done. "The film 'Living Neverland' became the opening ceremony of the Sunday Film Festival on January 25. The documentary is based on Michael Jackson's comment about the young age of two children who are sexually assaulted.

In a statement, the Jackson family described the two documentaries of the documentary as liars, saying that Wade Robson and James Safeguard are liars. While Jackson was alive, they said that he did not harass them any sexual harassment. After Jackson's death, they started making these claims again. Jackson's fame is being used dirtyly for business purposes. This documentary is 'weird'.
It is said that, during his lifetime, Michael Jackson had sexually abused two boys aged 7 and 10 years old. Those boys are now 30's quota. The documentary is based on their speech. One of them is Wade Robson, now a corioagrapher. She works with artists, including Britney Spears, all the artists.

Based on the complaint of a teenage teenage boyfriend in Michael Jackson, in 2003 the police searched his California farmhouse 'Nevarland'. The documentary was named after the farmhouse. However, there has been a storm of criticism for the documentary to bring a matter to the fore again, after so many days of Jackson's death.

Jackson's family claims that, in the documentary, Wade Robson and James Sefchak have been given so much importance that all other close friends of Jackson are neglected there. Jackson never behaved badly with children. Rather he always loved them.

'Living Nevarland' jointly produced


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