It requires intelligence to copy-paste, trickle victim's patani

"MS Dhoni: The Untold Story" And in the first film, he cut the spots in the minds of people.

However, this is not a new picture, the Internet sensation, popular Bollywood actress, has been trolled by her social networking caption. He is also blaming for copy paste. Even the star of this actress is being questioned.

After the post was filled in the trolley, Disha was immediately deleted. The reason for the trolling is actually what was written in the postertion of the post of the deleted post. Since the video was an advertisement, the advertisement was written by the advertisement company Disha
That was to copy the paste. But before the original caption, the agency wrote that they will mail the final video to Desa. You can use this video for the time being.
The text of the message sent by the company was wrong and paste the copy paste and gave it to his caption. After that the trolling episode has started. What is such a mistake? If at all, it should have been seen at least in view of the PR team.

Apart from this type of comment, there has been a lot of talk about Disha's understanding. The post became viral until the decision was made to delete the post as long as it was decided. Screenshot spreads to social media


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