Israeli soldiers shot dead Palestine in Gaza

A Palestinian woman was killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza. At least 25 people were injured. Al Jazeera reported this information on behalf of the Health Ministry of Gaza. The woman named Amal al-Tariamsi was killed.

Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qadra said that during the protests in East Gaza region on Friday, the woman was shot in the head. Three women were killed after the anti-Israel protests began in March. More than 241 people have been killed in the protests.

Kadra said that two men and a doctor were among the 25 injured in the Israeli army firing on Friday.

Israeli military spokesman said more than 13,000 Palestinians took part in the protests. At the time of the riots, Israeli soldiers were attacked by tires, stones, explosives and grenades in Gaza's security establishment.

Israeli soldiers hit two groups of Hamas. On behalf of Hamas, it has been said that there has not been any casualties.

A news agency AFP reported that thousands of protesters gathered in Gaza City. In recent times it is a strong demonstration. They are trying to uproot barbed wire near the border. Israeli soldiers fired at their targets.


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