IS has been defeated:Trump

Civil war in Syria has been going on since 2011. And America has been working directly to eliminate Islamic State (IS) in the last four years. But suddenly, the US President Donald Trump ordered to bring his troops back from the war field. His commentary has been enough. IS has been defeated. Now the soldiers will have to be brought back.

According to the president's order, about 2,000 US soldiers in Syria will be taken back to the United States within the next few months. The work of the withdrawal of the army has begun since January 11 after many discussion-criticism, resignation of the defense minister, Pentagon wallet, national security adviser's message etc. US Today has said. On Saturday, the US-led coalition spokesman Colonel Shan Ryan said, "The US forces have started to move away from Syria voluntarily." This December announcement of the withdrawal of the army surprised the allies of the United States. Especially Syrian Kurds have been confused. This move to the US will allow IS to be restructured. At the same time, with this withdrawal, Syria, Iran, Russia and Bashar will take full control of the oil and gas-rich eastern region.
The withdrawal of the United States from Syria means that there is a chance to be strong in Russia. Russia is directly involved in Syria in support of the Bashar al-Assad government in 2015. Bashar reaches Moscow on the verge of victory in an eight-year long civil war. Even Bashar dislikes such dictators from the Gulf region also reinforcing diplomatic relations with Syria.
The Economist report says that although many parties are currently active in Syria, if there is only one who is present at the moment, then it is Russia. Iran, Turkey and Israel are active in Syria. Because the withdrawal of the army is just starting, the United States has to be regarded as an active state. But in spite of all this, if Russia wants Russia, it has the power to pave its position by defeating all these parties. But to make this position lasting as the regulatory force of the whole region, Russia will have to give long-term peace after this terrible war.

Moscow has failed to prove its responsibility till now Rather they are doing the opposite. Instead of making an effort to unite the divided Syria, Russia is helping Assad create more isolation. This support is inherent in anti-bomb or use of toxic gas.

The Economist says that Assad's government in Syria is doing all kinds of work to promote communalism to curb rebels. In this case, Sunni areas are being targeted. Among the Sunni areas, more than Bashar's opposition. For this reason, indiscriminate government attacks are being carried out in the Sunni-dominated areas. Not only that, Assad Sarkar is directly helping the people of Shi'a, Christian and Alawwit community, possessing homes and property left behind by the Sunnis fleeing in death. As a result, a devastating communal poison has spread in Syria. While talking about the end of the war, the 60 million refugees who have taken shelter in different countries are also being prevented. Thousands of Syrians were not allowed to come back from Lebanon to Syria. But in spite of this, Russia says Bashar needs to 'thunderbolt' in the interest of Syria's stability.
Analysts say that the policy followed by Russia in Syria is a big mistake. Because the persecution of the government has made Ba'shah's government difficult, but making Syria's reconstruction difficult. Because of this policy, the Sunnis are taking refuge in the reactionaries. The principle of inequality, corruption, and division was at the core of the rebellion, which together with the militants had favored. As a result, if there is a long-standing government under such a policy, Syria will never really be safe. But Rusani is not talking about such a possibility.

The economy says it is safe Syria's preconditions to build structures and institutions, and that the rebuilding process so far will benefit President Asad and his party's people. But the distribution of resources and power should be broader. The decentralization of these two can only restore trust between the oppressed and the majority Sunni community. It is not only Sunni but it is necessary for all the communities to gain confidence. But President Asad does not take any credit for these things. Like revenge, he has been restoring his lost area.
In this situation, Russia should take President Assad's hold. It is possible. Because of the strength of Assad's forces, the powerful Russian Air Force At the same time, new conflicts should not be started, we must also ensure that. In this case, the safety of Kurds in the northern region is very important. Because of the withdrawal of the United States, the security of Kurds is entirely dependent on the Assad regime. A part of the northern part of Turkey is now under the control of Turkey, who think the Kurds are 'terrorists'. In this case Russia must take the role of mediator. It is necessary to take the role of deteriorating Iran in the south. Otherwise, this part may start a new conflict with Iran.

The first news of the withdrawal of the US military was understood to mean that Turkey will not be soft about Kurds. The Washington Post said that when Colonel Shawn Ryan informed about the withdrawal of the US troops, Turkey said that there was no talk from the US about this issue. And on January 6, after the condition of withdrawal of the Kurdish security issue, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for the US National Security Adviser John Bolton, said, "His message is not possible." As a result, there is no alternative to Russia's importance in this immediate conflict.

The names of many big powers that are fighting on the ground are named after Syria. So at any given moment there is a risk of major warfare. Russian President Vladimir Putin has appeared as a Syrian destitute at the moment. His seats will remain steady if peace comes and it lasts. The peace will be so far as the Assad regime is concerned. It will be achieved even if acquired. So the Assad regime is the only way to end the Russian victory in Syria.


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