If vitamin D deficiency occurs

Calcium strengthens the bones, we know it. Vitamin D is useful for absorbing calcium and absorbing the body. Due to the lack of vitamin D, children have disease in the disease. Children's feet twist like a bow and their head skulls grow bigger. For a long time, this disease suffers from the normal growth of the body and the disease resistance decreases. Due to the lack of vitamin D, the jaw structure is not correct, the tooth is broken.
The elderly is a type of disease called osteomalacia. This disease causes calcium and phosphorus to decay from the adult bones. Occasionally pain is felt like arthritis pain on the waist and in the spinal cord. In many cases the spine is bent.
Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are seen to be more of this disease.
According to Kazi Shamimuzzaman, associate professor of the National Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute (Pangu Hospital), the average adult is consuming one thousand milligram calcium and 600 units of Vitamin D daily. Women and seventy-two men need a little more calcium, 1,200 milligrams. Pregnant and suckling mother also takes a little more. Regular use of sunlight and vitamin D-rich food in the right way, its deficiencies can easily be met. As a result of this, prevention of bone loss can be easily free from other diseases like Vitamin D.

Vitamin Dry Source?
Sun's ultraviolet radiation is one of the sources of vitamin D. Ultraviolet rays reach the earth only when the sun is intensified. But glass, dense clouds, clothes, smoke and sunscreen prevents this ray.
Vitamin D is available in plenty of oily fish, such as cod or shark fish liver oil and other animal liver. Apart from this, Vitamin D contains milk, egg yolks, butter and fatty foods. The animals that feed on the field and get plenty of sunlight, the amount of vitamin D in the milk, eggs and liver of those animals is high.
Get adequate amount of vitamin D from sunlight-
* What time to wear sunshine? When your shadow is shorter than you see in light, then your skin will be able to make the most vitamin D in that light.
* Those who have black, their skin is more like melanin pigment. And those who are farsighted, this material is less in their skin. Melanin prevents ultraviolet rays. The people of the foresace are 20 minutes daily in the sun.
* Ultraviolet rays can not penetrate the glass. So if there is no sunshine in the car or in the room closed in the house, adequate vitamin D will not match.
* Clothing and sun screen prevent direct vitamins from skin. So do not cover your head. Keep at least part of your face or face. Occasionally there will be sunlight without sun screen.
* If the age increases, the ability to make vitamin D on the skin decreases. And adults have more problems in bone loss. It is not right to sit at home all day because of age. Regularly leave and sunburn.
* The polluted air, smoke, etc. absorbs or reflects ultraviolet rays. So, in a contaminated city, sometimes you should go to a remote village or to the beach.


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