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At this moment maybe there is a little bit of jeopardy Jeff Bezos. Twenty-five year old gang rattles. Yet, there is no chance of a bit bored even at this moment of separation with the life-partner of the quarter-century. Rather than being more conscious, the accounting book is about to be opened. Because he is losing the crown of the rich man through this divisiveness. But temperament leader Bezos must turn around. Bezosi is giving the energy behind this assurance by telling stories about his emergence.

The new idea is the core of everything
New ideas and the power to build Jeff Bezos's rise to the roots In the US technology mogul, the appearance of a great campus is not only in the eyes but also for Rather, in front of the eyes, Amazon is seen in the continuous rush of many workers floating in the eyes. This does not mean that Amazon does not have any headquarters. Have there. One or two Seattle's first headquarters in the United States has 45,000 employees and executives. And the second headquarters is not one but two cities. More than two hundred cities were sent to fight this second headquarters. Finally, the two cities have to be divided. As a result Amazon's headquarters is not one, three. But none of these is Amazon for the six million workers who spread across the world. Amazon and its headquarters are there, where its founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Jeff Bezos, whose address is sometimes called 'Day One Tower'. This name also came from the origin of Bezos's origin.

Bezos took each day to the ground on the first day of the fight. And in the three years, the share of Amazon's share has increased by 270 percent. Profit in the fiscal year ending October last year increased by 103 percent. It took us to such an extent that it was time for Steve Jobs to become the world's most valued company by overtaking Apple. This is not happening due to divesting property with the wife. But this direction will remain unshakable. Bezos is not sure about his organization because he is so elevated.
Sadness, all doubt

Like the CEO of one of the newly started startup companies, his voices dissipated and skeptical. The 54-year-old Bezos thinks that his achievement in front of the 'unlimited potential of the market' is primarily at the primary level. In his view, the market is uninterrupted for any "real purpose". He created the basis of his belief that he himself In this case he will also be lucky. He changed the retail market and launched the Amazon Web Service (AWS) as a cloud market only. As a result, he did not have to think about the limit. If the company of Bejos, who is running out of bounds, is not able to do any tragedy, then this year, 21 thousand crores of property were demolished. Keeping his unhindered run, everyone kept visiting him.

He certainly enjoys running away from the name of the opponents like Digvijay Mongols. Ruthless and long strains are all one of the strengths of Bejos, but in the last few years, the thing that distinguishes them from others is the innovation and change of the old mind into new ideas, With the combination of these three, he can establish his own kingdom by defeating others from the market.

Innovative power has put Bezos ahead of others. ForbesSamyaki works together with three professors to find the best business leader in the world. Those three professors are now well-known and well-known and influential in the field of public opinion, value addition and accumulation, executive and innovative skills-in all the judgments of all other business leaders, Bejosk has been advised. Even 'The Oracle of Omaha', the wealthy Warren Buffett, said, "Jeff Bezos is doing what he's doing, so the most remarkable achievement I've seen." Bezos does not seem to have the whole eye on his eyes. According to Buffett, Bezos is not only giving leadership to two different types of big and small markets (retail and cloud) simultaneously, and also changing its direction. All businesses have to connect with these two fields. Regardless of the business, retail market has to come. The same is true in the case of digital commerce. With the control of these two, Bezos could easily move the stick. He has more chance to identify the potential of any business. Can be used in other potential areas of choice. At present, Bezos has invested more than $ 100 million in each of the four sectors. With this investment in healthcare, entertainment, electronics and advertising, Amazon's foundation has not only strengthened, it has created the possibility of several millions of dollars profit. His investment in digital healthcare technology is going to unveil a new horizon, which could even break the old healthcare system.

 Modesty behind the rise

Bezos has a special role in this rise of his modesty. Despite his great interest in him, even after having a magazine like Washington Post in his own possession, his presence at the public level was minimal, even with interviews.

Just inside the Amazon is yes

When US President Donald Trump hit him and his organization on Twitter, he was silent. In 1995, at Bezos' home garage, the online market for Amazon, as a place of sale of books, is literally all-round. The spread is everywhere. And as the artist of this expansion, Bezos, there is nothing in the hand in the palette. So standing in this unbroken period has become the most important word inside the Amazon 'yes'.

In Jeff Bejos's comment, "New ideas in the conventional framework have to overcome many obstacles. One worker had to take a new idea, to the boss, that boss had a long chain in front of his boss. At one stage of this one can kill the whole potential. And this is the reason for the dedication of large organizations to small enterprises. '

As a matter of fact, Jeff Bezos has created Amazon in such a way that yes he can always be called. The path of no-one should be very tight. She walks in the path of achieving the power to pull any possibility. Still walking on that path Amazon could only go as a bookstore, just as a shoe store from 'japus'. But Amazon did not. Because Amazon did not live, Amazon today is selling aircrafts from the needle. It has increased its addiction. And companies like Japus have been able to find out the consequences Amazon The power of that 'yes' power is behind it. This 'yes' concept, to the possibilities. In Bezos's language, "I'm here because of new ideas." One of the unacceptable messages from Bezos to the corporate world: 'Get ready to survive, or Jeff Bezose will do it.'


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