I will demand a mid-term election:Jermey Corbyn

Britain's opposition leader Jeremy Kelly has demanded a mid-term election to resolve the deadlock over the breaks. He said this in a speech at a ceremony in West Yorkshire on Thursday.

To the Prime Minister Theresa Mar, Jeremy Kehlin said, "If you are so confident about the contract, but give general elections. In this, people will give opinion on the agreement. "The new government will get the right to re-initiate in the negotiation process," he said.
The ruling Conservative party says the labor party has no specific plans to implement the breaks. They are playing politics only on the issue.

The breakdown of the UK from the European Union (EU) is known as a breaksite. It is scheduled that the separation will be effective on March 29. But the United Kingdom is still indulging in breach of breaks.

After a long spell of 18 months in November last year, Prime Minister Mei reached an agreement with the EU. Along with the opposition parties, several government officials have stood against this agreement. On December 11 last year, the parliament was due to vote on the issue of approval. But the prime minister did not get the support of the majority of the MPs-fearing that at the last moment at the last moment, the Prime Minister gave the vote back. Finally the vote will be held on next Tuesday. But there was not much change in the position of the government and the opposition MPs.

In the last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), Theresa Mara Government has lost two votes on the breaks. One of the government's financial capabilities has been limited to discourage contractual breaks. The government has been given time to raise a new proposal within three days if the second agreement is not passed in the parliament. An alliance of All-party MPs against the breakthrough has been making these proposals. They are against the contract. If the agreement is not passed, then the government does not break into the agreement without any agreement, they want to ensure that they are. The MPs of this alliance are seeking to take the government back to the referendum.

Labor leader Jeremy Kelly said that if the government fails to pass the agreement on Tuesday, they will offer a vote of confidence vote against the government. Kelly said the Labor party can not do anything alone in confidence vote. Therefore, MPs of all parties should support Labor's proposal of non-confidence to resolve the breakage deadlock.

According to a BBC report, the Brechitic Labor MPs have been negotiating to support the government's agreement in exchange for the preservation of environment protection policies and protection of existing labor rights. On the other hand, anti-breaker labor MPs say re-referendum on the question of referendum.

But Labor Leader Karin is in favor of the midterm elections. He says, if he fails to pass the deal, he will bring a no confidence motion against the government. If it does not work and if the demand for mid-election fails, then he will move on to other options, including the demand for a referendum.

Kellyin said that the division of breaks society has created the need to be free from the people's preferred new government. He said financial inequality is the real reason of division in society. According to him, the governmental policy towards influential and rich people is responsible for such discrimination. With the capacity to maintain membership of the EU Customs Union (Customs Union), the EU will take initiative to implement the breaks by maintaining close relations with the single market, said Karin.


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