Human cloning brings 'replica'

Friday False Thriller Photo 'Replicus' was released on Friday in various countries including the US. At the same time, the film has been released in Bangladesh by Star CinePlace. Written by Jeffrey Nachmanf, Screenwriter, Shad St John. Kianu Reeves played the lead role of the film. Alice Eve, Thomas Middlewitch, John Ortiz and others have also played. Apart from acting, the film is also associated with the productions of Kianu Reeves.

The moral and legal debate on human cloning has been going on for a while. Many countries in the world have prohibited human cloning to protect future generation from its harmful effects. But some countries are still working on it secretly. This story is about the fantasy-science-fiction movie 'Replicus' made in Hollywood. In the film, synthetic biologist and neuro syntactist William Foster can be seen as Kianu Reeves. He can successfully transfer the human consciousness to the computer program.
William Foster's family killed a car accident in the story of 'Replicus'. Now we want to create clones of wife and children. Collaborating with him in this work, colleague Ed Whitley Meanwhile, there is opposition to law and science to create consciousness relocation or clone replication. So everything they do is secretly. At one stage, there is another problem in the will. Which is called 'Sofis Choice'. Three will be selected for cloning from three members of the family. Who will he exclude? This is how the story of the film goes forward.
The film was recently shown on the Finnish Night Visiones International Film Festival. There are people from different countries who are appreciated by the movie-based people. They mentioned the film as a brave construction at this time.


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