Huawei employees have lost jobs for using the iPhone!

Two employees of Huawei have lost their jobs because of the tweet message using the iPhone in the New Year. According to Huawei's in-house document, the media said Al Jazeera.

In Al Jazeera's report, a message was published using Huawei's official Twitter account "Happy # 2019" to greet New Year's Day, but the message was written below that it was sent via iPhone. Even after the tweet was released, a screenshot of that tweet was spread through social media.

Huawei's internal document, on January 3, was reviewed by news agency Reuters. Huawei's Senior Vice President Chen Lifong said this has happened to harm the Huawei brand.

It is also known in the document that due to mechanical errors, sending the tweet message, they use the iPhone so that it can be conveyed in due course.


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