Hrithik is returning

On January 25, last year, the latest images were released. Name 'Cabin'. Then there was no sound in Bollywood, Roshik Roshan did not have any sound.

But after the Bumperhit business of 'Krish-3', there was a Bollywood lament with him. After the failure of 'Cabbal', the priest too forgot that the Bollywood people had forgotten. The whole two years were outside the screen.

Eventually the actress is cutting drought. He is back. Now returning to the picture of a different form. It is also called a biographic. The name 'Super Thirty'. The film was created with the biographies of one Indian mathematician.

This year is on the release list. Not only that, this year, two more photos are in the list of rituals. However, everybody's attention towards 'Super Thirty'. According to critics, if success is to get or to catch, then he will have to do it with this picture.

But in the course of time the priest did not have to face such a test that the priest did not have to face. She is one of the most popular Bollywood star actors.

Along with acting, he also has his witchcraft craft. Although Rakesh Roshan was the director of the father, the ritual movement in Bollywood was never favorable. To reach his dream, he has to burn many plots. The actor has made his position on his own.

In 1980, 'Asha', special appearance in one of two songs in 'As Pas' in 1981 and Ritik acted as a child artist in the movie 'Bhagwan Dada' in 1986.

In this way, through his acting role in a number of films, he proved himself to prove his success. In the four films, he worked as an assistant director with his father Rakesh Roshan to make a technical expert.

After waiting and patience, in 2000 she played the lead role in the film 'Kaah Naa ... Peer Hai' and opened her picture to see the fate of her luck. Then only success. The success story of the success story is now in front of a difficult test. Waiting for the result.


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