Hrithik is coming back after two years

Hudrishi Roshan, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan did not have any news about the media for personal reasons, but he did not have any news about the movie. In the year 2017, the last movie of this hero was released 'KABIL'. Though it fell into the box office at the box office Then he could not find any new movie. Working in a new movie But on January 25 this year, the date of release was delayed, but due to various complications, the date of release was delayed. One of the biggest allegations of sexual harassment against BKash Bahl has been directed by the director.

Now the announcement came out of the release of this hero's new movie. The movie will be released on July 26 this year. The name 'Super 30' In a tweet message, Hrithik has confirmed the news itself.

Out of romantic and superhero images, he will be seen in the role of a mathematician. This mathematician named Anand Kumar will play a role in the development of 30 young people of India as a technician. The movie is made of such a platte.

Meanwhile, in the last five years, Hrithik is very colorful in Bollywood. Because of this there is no hit picture of her. His latest blockbuster picture 'Krish 3'. 'Bang Bang' 'Mahhenjodaro' Flop and 'Cabbage' are able to do business in general. How to accept the new character Hrithikake by watching the audience, this time the audience.


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