How is Rakesh Roshan?

Rakesh Roshan, one of Bollywood's best-known film-makers and renowned filmmaker, has been diagnosed with cancer in his throat. Doctors at the All-In-Mumbai Hospital performed surgery on his neck yesterday. Today, Mumbai Mirror's younger brother music director Rajesh Roshan said, "Rakesh Roshan's surgery was a good one. Now he's a lot better. The doctors told us that he was recovering. '

Hrithik Roshan in Instagram, with a picture taken on his father in the morning, wrote, "Week two or so ago, the first-stage squamous cell carcinoma was detected. Surgery will be needed for treatment. Dad is a strong man. He looks like he is ready to fight with cancer. "He also wrote," I knew that my father would still go to the gym. Father, the hardest man I ever ever seen. A man like him is our family leader, we are blessed. '
Today, Rajesh Roshan said, 'We were concerned about his surgery. The whole family gathered in the hospital. Thank God, he is good now. I hope he will be able to go to the hospital after three days. "

Meanwhile, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted the news of Rakesh Roshan's illness. On Twitter, he called Rakesh Roshan a 'fighter'. Writes, Rakesh Roshan is praying to God for it to get well soon. He is hoping that this challenge will be able to deal with Rakesh Roshan. Then thanked the Prime Minister Hrithik Roshan. As well as the latest news of his father's condition, he said.
Hrithik's former wife Sujon Khan came to the hospital after hearing about the illness of a former father-in-law. He prayed that Rakesh Roshan would recover soon. He wrote on Twitter, "He is stronger than any superhero."

Rakesh Roshan is 69 years old. He first acted in the 1970s. The name of the movie is 'house house kahani'. After that he played 94 films. His latest movie 'Om Shanti Om' She has managed 13 photos. Director Rakesh Roshan's first film 'Khudgeorge' Last managed by 'Krish 3'. He is also the producer of all the films of 'Krishi' series. So far he has produced 19 photos. Hrithik Roshan is in Bollywood with Rakesh Roshan. The picture was 'Kaho Na Peer Hai'.


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