He can not hear the male voice

A Chinese woman has a strange problem. The women's voices, the sounds of nature, but they can not hear the voice of the man. This problem was caused by Chan, a resident of Fujian province of China. Medical science says it sounds weird, but the problem can become serious for Chan.

According to the US Newsweek news channel, Chan, a resident of the city of Chimen in eastern Fujian province of China, said. Suddenly one day he discovered that he could not hear anything about the boyfriend even if he heard everything. Chan went to a lot of trouble. The next day, he went to a nose-throat specialist.
Chan said to the doctor, Chan heard the sound of a bell in front of the ear for the evening before the incident. It seemed to ring the bell inside the head. After this, he was vomited for a while. The doctor examined Lin Chiaoking and told Chan that he lost his ability to hear the sounds of low frequency. This is called 'reverse-slope hearing loss' (RSHL). Generally speaking, the male voices are usually lower frequencies. Chiaoking himself is a woman. He said, Chan could hear his voice. But he could not hear the voice of other male workers or patients in the hospital.

Doctors think that Chan may be suffering from such problems due to excessive chaos. Maybe he did not get enough sleep in the previous night. Doctor Chiaoking said that Chan will have enough rest. It is expected that his hearing will be completely corrected.

Experts have said that RSHL problems may arise due to genetic diseases, infections, effects of medicines, effects of age rise, time spent in high words.


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