Hashmi does not want to act in a film like 'Murder'

Bollywood actress Emran Hashmi does not want to act in a film like 'Murdere'. Recently, in an interview with Indian magazine 'India Today', the actor has said that this actor known as 'Serial Kisar' Emran said that he wants to play another type of role.

In an interview with India Today, Emran Hashmi said that at the beginning of her career he had acted in several films like 'Murder'. From that time he is called 'Serial Kisar'. But he does not want the kind of 'bad boy' type.
Emraan Hashmi's new photo 'Why Chit India' has been released a few days ago. The box office did not make much of a stir. There he was seen to be involved in questioning and testing for others. Emran says, acting in such a character has the opportunity to break into one's own actor. So he wants a character like this now.
Emraan's clear answer, the role that he played in 'White Chit India', 'Ghanakkarkar' and 'Shanghai', has been able to impress his actor Satta. The character of the underworld never gave that opportunity. So 'Murders', 'Raj', 'Awarapaan' or 'gangster' are not in the list of his favorites. He said, 'Once these pictures have been hit, it was good for me. But if they ask, are these real Emran Hashmi found? I will not tell.'

Emran is also coming to Netflix website for online video streaming. The series of 'The Bird of Blood' will be released soon. Hashmi will be seen in the role of a detective. He is very excited about the release of this series. Said the viewers will get a new Emran Hashmi in it.

Emran walks in Bollywood's eliges for nearly 15 years. Now he wants to do some testing. India Today said that, because of this, she is choosing a different story picture. Hashmi believes that he is not the so called protagonist of Bollywood. Rather he fits in the role of anti-heroes.

Emran, who is going to keep foot in international entertainment courtesy of Netflix. He believes that it will be good to viewers of any country. Then he is going to be acting in a comedy film. Emran said that if he is all right then he can start the journey as a producer this year!


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