Guess the trump, the federal wheel was active

Following the political pressure, the federal government revived the wheel of President Donald Trump. In the history of the United States, a record number of work days (shutdowns) of a federal government was closed for 35 days in the history of the debate over budget issues. Fifteen million workers of the Federal Government have spent their free time without getting money allocated. Federal workers protested against this.

Today's BBC News reports that Trump has temporarily agreed to open the shutdown. He agreed to fund allocation for three weeks. However, on the issue, the conflict between the Democrats allocated the budget for the trip, he did not receive the money demanding to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.
Earlier, if the Republican president did not get $ 570 million to build the wall, he would not sign the budget document. The issue of building walls on the border was his election pledge. But Democrats, who are in control of the delegation, refuse to pay according to trump demand.

In the congress on Friday, the Senate and the delegation unanimously passed a bill to temporarily terminate the shutdown.

Responding to Congress's vote, Trump tweeted that he agreed with thinking about millions of people who were severely damaged due to the shutdown. It can not be said to be discounted.

Trump told reporters in Rose Garden that he was very proud to announce the deal to end the shutdown. The federal government will be allocated till 15 February. Federal workers have been affected by political disputes. He referred to the Federal Employees as 'very patriotic' and said all the money would be given to the arrears.

Trump said he did not make the final decision regarding taking the "powerful alternatives".

With the announcement of an emergency, the President could construct trump walls with the money allocated for the military sector, but by doing so he would face legal challenges.

Yet Trump said, "Without creating a strong wall or steel barrier, we do not really have any choice. If we can not get a response from the Congress, the shutdown will start again from February 15. Or I will use the power of declaring an emergency in the light of law and constitution. "


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