Grand slam of winners

Nadal-Jokovic does not allow Roger Federer to stay in peace Federer's record has won 20 times in the Grand Slam Rafael Nadal won 17 times, Jokovic 15 times
Roger Federer is not letting the record to be secure! Nadal did not even win luck. Winner Nadal and Federer's gap, which came down two!

Nadal-fans also grew anxious So far, six of the Grand Slam wins out of the French Open. A French Open has won 11 times! The hard course is not easy for him, the Australian Open is even more mysterious. The last one has won the trophy, even 10 years ago. And in the final hard court in 2017, he won the Grand Slam, in the US Open. Nadal lost eight finals, because of the hard court being the peasant king!

Today, Jokovich Pitt overtakes Samkhas. Sampras has kept the 14 numbers iconic for the grand slam record for a long time. Jokovich came out of the list of the best three. Six years older than Federer and one year than Nadal. Where can you see Jokovich at the end of this path? In the last three years, 8 grand slam wins

Today's Final is Rod Laver Ernaya The 11-time Grand Slam champion, named after his name, said before today's final, "If Jokovich wins two Grand Slam for a couple of years in front of him, he will be up against Rafa. And if Rafa won here (Australian Open) and then French Open, then she would go a long way. Anything can happen. I think worry is more than Federer. "

Now it seems Nadal's anxiety is not less. The next Grand Slam (French Open, May-June) in his fortress, it is a sure hope.

Grand slam of Players


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