Games for Smart TVs

Manufacturers use different operating systems for smart TVs. Many people now have the opportunity to download and play games with their own apps (apps) at the store, often free of charge. Some smart TV smartphones also allow for mirroring. So that you can play mobile games on the big screen. Even some televisions have built-in play stations. That means you can play ps-games without buying a console. Here are some smart TV-friendly Android games offered.
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8 is the favorite mobile game. As you can play with fun, you can play offline or online in groups. PlayStory on Android TV will easily get the game. Frame rate and more flexible, if you want to connect to the Bluetooth gamepad, you can play on Android TV. The great popular racing game you can play on your hobby's smart TV is free of charge.
Cross Street
Croissy Road is a game of many fun. Which will hold you in hours. In the game you have to cross the road. You have to reach the destination by traveling to the traffic on the road. The real fun of the game is, whenever you think the game is a lot easier, but really easy? If you want to know then play. Do not make the accident cross the road. You will also get it in Google Play Store.
Badland Action, Thriller, Atmospheric and Side Scrolling Games, Developed in the background of dense forests. In the game you have to control the zodiacal forest, where there is a problem in the background of trees and flowers, it must be controlled by animals. With all the untimely deaths, and unnecessary obstacles, as many unwanted obstacles will be in place. The game of Badlund's forest is like a graphic fairy tale.
There is no pair of games for the best time to spend on Android TV. If you are an astronaut, who has been sent to Mars and you have to stay here, you have to jump over a jump from one pad to another. You must land carefully after your space suit. It will also get free at the Play Store.
Leo Fortune
Leo Fortune is a platform game. Very well designed and easy to understand, the difficult game to play You play Leopold in Leo Fortune. If someone who is a shallow flop, he is looking for a thief who stole his fate. In fact, its level is fairly easy, you have to spend some difficult moments and you have to move forward.


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