EU citizen registration begins within the deadlock

The United Kingdom has started registration of European Union (EU) citizens nationals (EU citizens). If EU citizens want to live in the UK even after a break, they must be registered. The process has started since Monday.

This process of registration of EU citizens began in the ongoing deadlock on the deal. On Tuesday, the UK's parliament approved the break agreement, and the future of the breaks became uncertain. Dinaksh fixed for breaks will be effective on March 29. The government of the United Kingdom desperate to complete an agreement in this period. But with the delay of the deadline, the opponents are firmly demanding referendum.
This registration, known as the EU Settlement Scheme, says that all EU nationals living in the United Kingdom will have to be registered by June 30, 2021. Those who have completed five years in the UK can apply for a set status. And those who did not meet the UK in five years, they could apply for pre-settlement (waiting for standing). In both cases the fee has been 65 pounds (about 7 thousand taka). Those who are under the age of 16, have a fee of 32 pounds of 50 pence (three and a half thousand rupees).

The citizens who are living in the United Kingdom are required to complete the registration process, in connection with a marriage or a relationship with EU citizens.

About 35 million people in the EU are living in the UK. For this large number of applicants, the UK immigration department has launched a special mobile app, which allows the British government to claim that applications can be made very easily and in a short time.

In the short run last year, the process of application for two rounds was in progress. It is open for all EU citizens in the third phase, starting Monday. However, the registration will start in full on March 30.

EU citizens will get the registration time till June 2021 when the breaks are effective through agreement. If the separation occurs without the contract, then it will be registered in December 2020. The United Kingdom has hired 1,500 additional employees to settle the applications quickly

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister took the strategy to support the rebels of their own party to resolve the deadly deadness of Theresa May Brecht. The BBC has said that the meeting with the opposition parties has found it difficult to get support from the government. As a result, the agreement between Ireland and the neighboring group Dupu will be resolved by trying to pass the agreement.


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