Doctor sleeping in the surgical room .

The doctor went to sleep on the table in the middle of the surgery and went to sleep there. The picture spread to social media After the normal condition then there was a storm of criticism. In that case it did not happen, but the doctor who has become a hero to the people of the country, the doctor. This incident is in China.

Orthopedic surgeon Luo Shanpeng works in the No 6 People's Hospital in Guiyango Province, China. On January 4, she fell asleep during a pair of almost torn hands of an immigrant worker. The photo was taken by social media in Wechat, a medical nurse who attended the doctor. That is Viral.

After , it is known that the doctor who performed five more surgical procedures before the surgery, Even after the condition of the migrant worker was severe, he was requested to do the surgery. He could not file this request. Get engaged to work. But it is difficult to cope up with a 20-hour workload. Everyone is praising him because he has forgotten his comfort.

The doctor said, "Anesthesia is given after the end of a surgical procedure. It was necessary to keep the hands high for some time to be effective and to keep the patient's blood circulation. As a result, I did not really have anything to do at that time. I closed my eyes with the head on the table. But I was asleep due to excessive fatigue. Although I did not expect it. '


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